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Nicolas Pioch Quotes

Quotes by Nicolas Pioch - (3 quotes)

Nicolas Pioch - From the Abstraction category:

Like many other modern movements, Abstract Expressionism does not describe any one particular style, but rather a general attitude; not all the work was abstract, nor was it all expressive. What these artists did have in common were morally loaded themes, often heavyweight and tragic, on a grand scale. (Nicolas Pioch)

Nicolas Pioch - From the Expression category:

Die Brucke (The Bridge) collapsed as the inner convictions of each artist began to differ, but arguably the greatest German artist of the time was Max Beckmann (1884-1950). Working independently, he constructed his own bridge, to link the objective truthfulness of great artists of the past with his own subjective emotions. (Nicolas Pioch)

Nicolas Pioch - From the Painting category:

Through his practice of using pigment in short or long, thin or thick, apparently hasty and spontaneous but actually most skillfully calculated strokes, Velasquez was a forerunner of the modern practice of direct painting. (Nicolas Pioch)