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Jil Ashton-Leigh Quotes

Quotes by Jil Ashton-Leigh - (5 quotes)

Jil Ashton-Leigh - From the Contemplation category:

Slow down and live in the moment. Take the time to reflect on what you have done and where you are headed. (Jil Ashton-Leigh)

Jil Ashton-Leigh - From the Nature category:

There is unspeakable beauty and potential to be found in nature. It entices me and is an invitation I just have to accept. (Jil Ashton-Leigh)

Jil Ashton-Leigh - From the Painting category:

The ability to see, one's perception of life all around, is what has awakened in me through painting, as well as a constant discovery of what art is - learning to see beauty in everything. (Jil Ashton-Leigh)

Jil Ashton-Leigh - From the Patience category:

Patience has to be cultivated. Perhaps the entire creative process can be viewed as a patience builder. (Jil Ashton-Leigh)

Jil Ashton-Leigh - From the Renewal category:

Painting has helped me to become more attentive and attuned to the world around me. It is as if I have undergone an 'awakening.' (Jil Ashton-Leigh)