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Cindy Matthews Quotes

Quotes by Cindy Matthews - (5 quotes)

Cindy Matthews - From the Editing category:

I am one of those strange writers who can actually derive pleasure from the editing process. (Cindy Matthews)

Cindy Matthews - From the Ideas category:

The ideas in my short stories are about those normal everyday experiences that others wished they could commit to paper. When people say they can recognize something in my words. I feel pleasure. (Cindy Matthews)

Cindy Matthews - From the Interest category:

Golf and tennis hold no interest for me. I don't care much for shopping, either. I'd rather sit on my porch and gaze out at the scenery. Then I can think, and once I have thought, I can write. (Cindy Matthews)

Cindy Matthews - From the Listening category:

I am very lucky. People like to talk to me and I like to listen. The first draft comes easy after that. (Cindy Matthews)

Cindy Matthews - From the Writing category:

Are the ideas in my short stories autobiographical? Well, I like to write about what I know so, from that standpoint, yes. But they are all fiction. (Cindy Matthews)