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Arnold Friberg Quotes

Quotes by Arnold Friberg - (7 quotes)

Arnold Friberg - From the Artists category:

Throughout all the painting days, the artist never forgot that Sister Howells' last act on earth, the night she died, was to arrange for the sale of some property to pay for the project. (Arnold Friberg)

Arnold Friberg - From the Colour category:

There is no tube of paint that says, 'Don't know.' I have to come to grips with it. (Arnold Friberg)

Arnold Friberg - From the Difficulty category:

It was a startling task to undertake, for the Book of Mormon had never been illustrated before, at least on any professional level. There were no precedents. (Arnold Friberg)

Arnold Friberg - From the Expression category:

-interview with Susan Easton Black...
The muscularity in my paintings is only an expression of the spirit within. When I paint Nephi, I'm painting the interior, the greatness, the largeness of spirit. Who knows what he looked like? I'm painting a man who looks like he could actually do what Nephi did. (Arnold Friberg)

Arnold Friberg - From the Modernism category:

-scorning modern art, 1954...
I am doing what I want to do - painting pictures people want and understand. I have no burning ambition to create the kind of 'art' which the confused critics praise for its 'plastic significance,' 'fluid lines,' and 'inner awareness,' or (heaven forbid) 'must be understood on three levels.' (Arnold Friberg)

Arnold Friberg - From the Money category:

-scorning modern art in 1954...
I have plenty of enemies... among artists who resent my earning a living. They think I should go off and starve while painting something 'significant.' (Arnold Friberg)

Arnold Friberg - From the Painting category:

What I do I am driven to do. I follow the dictates of a looming and unseen force. I try to become like a musical instrument, intruding no sound of its own but bringing forth such tones as are played upon it by a master's hand. (Arnold Friberg)