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Jim Pallas Quotes

Quotes by Jim Pallas - (6 quotes)

Jim Pallas - From the Art category:

Like Science and Religion, Art springs from human needs that have nothing to do with money. That Art, unlike Science and Religion, can be bought and sold in this culture is a fluke. (Jim Pallas)

Jim Pallas - From the Boredom category:

Boredom is the failure of imagination. (Jim Pallas)

Jim Pallas - From the Experiments category:

To stay fresh, constantly experiment. (Jim Pallas)

Jim Pallas - From the Money category:

Money can't buy happiness but it can ease the pain. (Jim Pallas)

Jim Pallas - From the Order category:

The enemy of art is often the janitor. (Jim Pallas)

Jim Pallas - From the Success category:

Being first is a footnote; being best is a chapter. (Jim Pallas)