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Dr. Jack Dalhousie Quotes

Quotes by Dr. Jack Dalhousie - (3 quotes)

Dr. Jack Dalhousie - From the Collectors category:

Dealers love me. I'm a shopaholic. (Dr. Jack Dalhousie)

Dr. Jack Dalhousie - From the Obsession category:

Nothing wrong with being a workaholic. Without compulsive painters there'd be no compulsive collectors. (Dr. Jack Dalhousie)

Dr. Jack Dalhousie - From the Possessions category:

When you're around others who are compulsive you tend to get it. But you have to feel it's your own possession, your own thing. It's possible, I guess, to fall crazy in love with any darned thing. But you've got to make the first move. (Dr. Jack Dalhousie)