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Debbie Mandel Quotes

Quotes by Debbie Mandel - (3 quotes)

Debbie Mandel - From the Creativity category:

The creative process spurs a joyous leisure where you lose yourself to find yourself again. You don't distract yourself with creativity, you immerse yourself in it. You feel alive with your senses alert in a good way. (Debbie Mandel)

Debbie Mandel - From the Relaxation category:

Fear of relaxation would explain why people who sincerely try relaxation therapies... do not experience any improvement in their anxiety... Some people rarely take vacation or, if they do, it is a short one accompanied by a blackberry. (Debbie Mandel)

Debbie Mandel - From the Stress category:

The creative process helps reduce stress and anxiety. Creativity retrains you to accomplish just for the self instead of others. (Debbie Mandel)