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Michael Epp Quotes

Quotes by Michael Epp - (10 quotes)

Michael Epp - From the Aging category:

Do artists inevitably suffer a waning of their powers as they grow older? I would like to think that, unlike athletes, for example, we can just keep getting better and better. (Michael Epp)

Michael Epp - From the Dissatisfaction category:

We are fated to look, question, and feel dissatisfied. We can feel the work is still unfinished or inadequate in some way, only to have buyers fall in love with it. (Michael Epp)

Michael Epp - From the Masters category:

No artist produces only masterpieces. When we think of Cezanne or Picasso, chances are we are thinking of only a few pieces culled from a vast body of work. (Michael Epp)

Michael Epp - From the Music category:

The equivalent of a musician hitting a bum note in front of a roomful of people, in painterly terms, is having a great painting and working on it too long to the point that it 'loses something'... Just as the musician can't go back and hit the right note, the painter can't go back to the 'right note' either. (Michael Epp)

Michael Epp - From the Painting category:

Wet-into-wet works best when you are in the zone, the angels are singing, and you can do no wrong - after you have sweated blood to get there... (Michael Epp)

Michael Epp - From the Perfection category:

By definition, perfection is merely an absence of error. (Michael Epp)

Michael Epp - From the Photography category:

When you paint from a photograph, you end up with something very much like a painted photograph, but when you paint from the thing itself - sur le motif, as Cezanne said - you end up with a painting. (Michael Epp)

Michael Epp - From the Realism category:

Wonderful brushwork, contrasts between thin and thick areas of paint and between opacity and transparency... are a huge part of the sensual delight of a painting, and viewers don't get this from photo-realism. (Michael Epp)

Michael Epp - From the Struggle category:

Sometimes I wonder whether the struggle to transcend and to feel one has fallen short doesn't communicate itself in some way and actually add to the humanity of the work, which is what it's all about. (Michael Epp)

Michael Epp - From the Style category:

BB King, hearing slide guitar as a young man, tried to emulate the sound using his fingers and invented a whole new style of guitar playing. Try on another style - you may end up using your brushes or colours in ways you'd never considered previously... (Michael Epp)