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Mike Barr Quotes

Quotes by Mike Barr - (8 quotes)

Mike Barr - From the Advice category:

The worst thing is those who can't really paint at the front of the line in offering advice. (Mike Barr)

Mike Barr - From the Edges category:

Artists concerned with blending and soft edges should think about using oils and not acrylics. However, try using dollops of the stuff, use plenty of water or medium and get it on the canvas in luscious amounts. Handling edges in this mode is a lot easier! (Mike Barr)

Mike Barr - From the Happiness category:

We can easily set ourselves up for depression and disappointment by bundling all our hopes in future events designed to impart happiness. Lasting happiness is not found in any destination... enjoy the journey. (Mike Barr)

Mike Barr - From the Keys category:

Palatial studios and relaxed environments are not necessarily the key to good works. The pressure of the 'game' - whatever that may be for us - is beneficial for our progress in art and life itself. Each work can be a personal triumph. (Mike Barr)

Mike Barr - From the Meaning category:

A storm becomes a story when things are battling against it. A beach can be entered into when a solitary walker is added to the scene. Even a few birds in flight in an empty landscape can still give the impression that life is happening. Life-signs make all the difference to a painting... (Mike Barr)

Mike Barr - From the Power category:

We've got to remember that we are the boss of the paintings we produce and can do anything with them! (Mike Barr)

Mike Barr - From the Signatures category:

It goes without saying that if someone buys a 'Robert Genn' for $20,000, they will want his signature on it. Imagine showing friends their Robert Genn original and then not being able to show them a signature. The boast-value of the painting plummets! The same principle applies for lesser-known artists, too. (Mike Barr)

Mike Barr - From the Skill category:

Unskilled art.. dark, unfathomable, grotesque, ordinary and totally unskilled art seems to get the nod today. The art world has become the modern day version of the "Emperor's New Clothes" story on a grand scale and the voices against it are few. (Mike Barr)