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Bill Hicks Quotes

Quotes by Bill Hicks - (5 quotes)

Bill Hicks - From the Books category:

The waitress comes over to me like, (gum smacking) 'What'chu readin' for?' I had never been asked that. Not 'What am I reading?' but 'What am I reading for?' Goddammit, you stumped me. Hmm, why do I read? I suppose I read for a lot of reasons, one of the main ones being so I don't end up being a... waffle waitress. (Bill Hicks)

Bill Hicks - From the Money category:

It's all about money, not freedom, ya'll, okay? Nothing to do with... freedom. If you think you're free, try going somewhere without... money, okay? (Bill Hicks)

Bill Hicks - From the Selling category:

I saw a sign on the side of the road in Tennessee once that said 'dirt for sale'... what a great country we live in. DIRT for sale. How would you like to get inside that guys mind and look around for a hour? That guy sees opportunity at every glance, doesn't he? (Bill Hicks)

Bill Hicks - From the Sleep category:

I sleep eight hours a day and at least ten at night. (Bill Hicks)

Bill Hicks - From the Travel category:

Where have I been? I've been on my flying saucer tour. Which means, like flying saucers, I, too, have been appearing in small southern towns in front of a handful of hillbillies lately... no one doubts my existence. (Bill Hicks)