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Quang Ho Quotes

Quotes by Quang Ho - (7 quotes)

Quang Ho - From the Art category:

All art forms, including painting and music and poetry, are vehicles for us all to participate in being alive. Whatever adds richness to the experience of being alive is an art. (Quang Ho)

Quang Ho - From the Exploration category:

The things that interest me most about painting are whatever is difficult or unexplored, rather than what I can already do. Following that path results in failures once in a while, but it's much more rewarding when I make a breakthrough. (Quang Ho)

Quang Ho - From the Masters category:

The real master of art expresses feeling rather than technique, which is achieved through intuition rather than education. (Quang Ho)

Quang Ho - From the Play category:

To play golf well, there has to be an element of getting out of one's own way. Painting is very much the same thing. (Quang Ho)

Quang Ho - From the Plein-Air category:

Deep into a climb into the mountains to paint, I realized that I had forgotten to bring my palette box. Determined to paint anyway, I set up, found a flattish rock, squeezed my paint onto it and used it as a palette. Afterwards, I cleaned off the rock and turned it upside down. Good as new! (Quang Ho)

Quang Ho - From the Simplicity category:

You can paint an entire painting with one stroke. (Quang Ho)

Quang Ho - From the Spirituality category:

Being 'spiritual' simply means being willing to look into the nature of life, to ask questions and to wonder, and to listen. It also means seeing art everywhere. (Quang Ho)