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Virchand Gandhi Quotes

Quotes by Virchand Gandhi - (3 quotes)

Virchand Gandhi - From the Patriotism category:

This is my country; that is your country: these are the conceptions of narrow souls - to the liberal-minded the whole world is a family. (Virchand Gandhi)

Virchand Gandhi - From the Peace category:

-b.1864 d.1901...
May peace rule the universe; may peace rule in kingdoms and empires; may peace rule in states and in the lands of the potentates; may peace rule in the house of friends and may peace also rule in the house of enemies. (Virchand Gandhi)

Virchand Gandhi - From the Universe category:

The universe is not for man alone, but is a theater of evolution for all living beings. Live and let live... (Virchand Gandhi)