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Robert G. Breur Quotes

Quotes by Robert G. Breur - (5 quotes)

Robert G. Breur - From the Finishing category:

There is no such thing as the final touch. But touch we must, both to perceive as well as to create. Neither will the creation ever be complete nor its perception absolute. (Robert G. Breur)

Robert G. Breur - From the Photography category:

Sculpture in the round can never be presented well in flat photograph but can only be introduced. To experience sculpture it must be seen in person, often even touched to be fully appreciated. (Robert G. Breur)

Robert G. Breur - From the Portraiture category:

Sculpture and woodcarving of the human figure are the most expressive ways of immortalizing people... What can be seen from all directions reveals what is meant beyond the face value, the conscious expression. (Robert G. Breur)

Robert G. Breur - From the Sculpture category:

The ultimate goal of the sculptor is to capture the essence of the figure, that person's individual message, through the pose that comes from within. (Robert G. Breur)

Robert G. Breur - From the Words category:

Since I can more easily perceive my thoughts in words than the silent body language in which I sculpt, perhaps I'd have been a better sculptor had I never learned to speak. (Robert G. Breur)