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Liz Wiltzen Quotes

Quotes by Liz Wiltzen - (7 quotes)

Liz Wiltzen - From the Expectation category:

Our efforts to control can either shut us down, or lead to wild over-correcting that lands us in the ditch. (Liz Wiltzen)

Liz Wiltzen - From the Flow category:

If we are engaged and open, we will naturally know how to respond in the moment. This requires faith in flow, trust in ourselves, and committed intention - all fabulous qualities to deepen. (Liz Wiltzen)

Liz Wiltzen - From the Happiness category:

Happiness isn't something that comes to us; it's our job to create it in our lives. And the best way to achieve this is to do at least one thing everyday that leads to it. (Liz Wiltzen)

Liz Wiltzen - From the Knowledge category:

While years of living fill us with volumes of knowledge and wisdom, there is a lot of value in keeping a book of blank pages on the top of the pile, ready to be filled with what we don't yet know. (Liz Wiltzen)

Liz Wiltzen - From the Magic category:

Always good to roll with the magic. (Liz Wiltzen)

Liz Wiltzen - From the Questions category:

What beliefs are you buying into that are getting in your way? And what if changing those beliefs was completely within your control? (Liz Wiltzen)

Liz Wiltzen - From the Stress category:

When we get tight and stressed, our focus narrows and we lose our capacity to sense what's happening in the moment. And second, we lose our ability to respond in subtle ways. (Liz Wiltzen)