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Robert Sesco Quotes

Quotes by Robert Sesco - (10 quotes)

Robert Sesco - From the Art category:

Art is a wonderfully large world that has many aspects to it, no single tenet of which applies to every artist in every context. (Robert Sesco)

Robert Sesco - From the Artists category:

There are many 'types' of artists: those who consider themselves professional, with deadlines, who produce on time with or without inspiration; those who understand what it takes to 'prompt' their inspiration; those who indulge in 'paralysis of analysis' etc... (Robert Sesco)

Robert Sesco - From the Beauty category:

Our souls seek beauty to create and to experience, but we sometimes find ourselves standing in the quicksand of an adverse culture. (Robert Sesco)

Robert Sesco - From the Blocks category:

Artists need not 'fear' blockages, but instead should observe, write down, be aware of the ways inspiration can be prompted in the most timely and efficient manner... take a walk in the woods, play with your dog, etc... Once you 'know' how to prompt inspiration... you become closer to a professional, you produce more, likely produce better, and you are managing your artistic life with consciousness instead of hope. (Robert Sesco)

Robert Sesco - From the Meditation category:

When I don't meditate, a creeping feeling of what I can only describe as 'futility' crowds my peace of mind... there is great value in both clearing the mind of thoughts for long periods of time, and allowing the mind to wander afterward. (Robert Sesco)

Robert Sesco - From the Photography category:

Yes, photography transcribes life and painters translate it. But those who manipulate their photographs also translate. Just as the computer initially allowed us to conquer accounting, it was later also used by some dreamers to allow us to walk on the moon. (Robert Sesco)

Robert Sesco - From the Power category:

When we speak about our plans, a work in progress, or what we have done, we subtly change what has been, what is, and what will be. Speaking is a leak of personal power... (Robert Sesco)

Robert Sesco - From the Quality category:

Quality is an aspect of the expression of one's soul. And I'm told that the soul is perfect. (Robert Sesco)

Robert Sesco - From the Selling category:

Art is never priced, or sold, according to a standard. It is always what the market will bear. Therefore, if there is a measurement, it is of demand, not quality. (Robert Sesco)

Robert Sesco - From the Studio category:

The studio is ancillary. The artist's drive is the key. (Robert Sesco)