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Jamake Highwater Quotes

Quotes by Jamake Highwater - (5 quotes)

Jamake Highwater - From the Art category:

Art is a staple of mankind... So urgent, so utterly linked with the pulse of feeling that it becomes the singular sign of life when every other aspect of civilization fails. (Jamake Highwater)

Jamake Highwater - From the Art category:

Among the language of the American Indians, there is no word for 'art'... For Indians, everything is art... therefore needs no name. (Jamake Highwater)

Jamake Highwater - From the Eccentricity category:

We often take for granted the notion that some people are insiders, while others are outsiders. But such a notion is a social contrivance, that, like virtually every public construct, is a legacy of a primordial and tribal mentality. (Jamake Highwater)

Jamake Highwater - From the Movement category:

At the root of all the various manifestations of dancing lies the common impulse to resort to movement to externalize emotional states which we cannot externalize by rational means. (Jamake Highwater)

Jamake Highwater - From the Mysteries category:

For Indians, images are a means of celebrating mystery and not a manner of explaining it. (Jamake Highwater)