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Hisham Matar Quotes

Quotes by Hisham Matar - (4 quotes)

Hisham Matar - From the Acceptance category:

Nothing is more acceptable than what we are born into. (Hisham Matar)

Hisham Matar - From the Sadness category:

-In the Country of Men...
Grief loves the hollow; all it wants is to hear its own echo. (Hisham Matar)

Hisham Matar - From the Tradition category:

It is sometimes hard to escape the belief that history exists against the artist. (Hisham Matar)

Hisham Matar - From the Writing category:

Books written out of fire give me a great deal of pleasure. You get the sense that the world for these writers could not have continued if the book hadn't been written. When you come across a book like that it is a privilege. (Hisham Matar)