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Gillian Pederson Krag Quotes

Quotes by Gillian Pederson Krag - (3 quotes)

Gillian Pederson Krag - From the Art category:

Art makes life bearable. It isn't a luxury. Like our capacity for understanding, and our experience of love, it is a vitally important part of life. (Gillian Pederson Krag)

Gillian Pederson Krag - From the Life category:

Something in us knows that we live on two different levels: the level of the narrative of our lives - events, objects, feelings, ideas that are 'separate' - those come and go. And another level, which is somehow whole, that witnesses all these changes: that is our true nature. (Gillian Pederson Krag)

Gillian Pederson Krag - From the Meaning category:

What makes a painting meaningful is the spectacle of the ordinary content living together with the equally important life of the picture plane and the unity of the whole surface... it reflects a feeling that we all have a kind of nostalgia for... (Gillian Pederson Krag)