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Carmine Gallo Quotes

Quotes by Carmine Gallo - (5 quotes)

Carmine Gallo - From the Audience category:

Neuroscientists are finding that what passes as a typical presentation is usually the worst way to engage your audience. (Carmine Gallo)

Carmine Gallo - From the Environment category:

Clutter forces the brain to consume energy. Create uncluttered environments instead. (Carmine Gallo)

Carmine Gallo - From the Information category:

New research into cognitive functioning - how the brain works - proves that bullet points are the least effective way to deliver important information. (Carmine Gallo)

Carmine Gallo - From the Leadership category:

The most inspiring leaders are those who... inspire the rest of us to be our best selves and to match our skills with our passions. They give us confidence to pursue our dreams. (Carmine Gallo)

Carmine Gallo - From the Work category:

I spend 60 hours a week on my business but I don't work for a minute. Work is hard. But what I do - writing, speaking, researching, learning, and sharing information - is pure joy. It's what I was called to do. (Carmine Gallo)