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Robert Ornstein Quotes

Quotes by Robert Ornstein - (3 quotes)

Robert Ornstein - From the Ability category:

When the 'weaker' of the two brains (right and left) is stimulated and encouraged to work in co-operation with the stronger side, the end result is a great increase in overall ability and... often five to ten times more effectiveness. (Robert Ornstein)

Robert Ornstein - From the Intuition category:

The split between the conscious mind and the unconscious. There are moments in each of our lives when our verbal-intellect suggests one course, and our hearts, or intuition, another. (Robert Ornstein)

Robert Ornstein - From the Understanding category:

We have to shift our understanding of ourselves as separate individuals, each seeking our own welfare, to an understanding of how we fit into social, biological, and physical environments. (Robert Ornstein)