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Peggy Woolsey Quotes

Quotes by Peggy Woolsey - (3 quotes)

Peggy Woolsey - From the Colour category:

I think palettes can be quite telling. Mine is orderly and clean and well... precise... laid out from light top to dark bottom. And then there are those artists' palettes I think are so much fun! Heaps of vibrant gooey oil paint just waiting for brush. Absolutely delicious! (Peggy Woolsey)

Peggy Woolsey - From the Gender category:

Athens was, for many reasons, one of the only 'male-dominated' Greek states. (Peggy Woolsey)

Peggy Woolsey - From the Studio category:

I have come to think of my studio as a field site... I work on a dirt floor - my studio is a filled-in indoor swimming pool (12 dumptruck loads to fill it). I move from the shallow to the deep end all day. (Peggy Woolsey)