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Thomas a Kempis Quotes

Quotes by Thomas a Kempis - (7 quotes)

Thomas a Kempis - From the Books category:

- d.1471...
I have sought everywhere for peace, but I have found it not save in a little nook and in a little book. (Thomas a Kempis)

Thomas a Kempis - From the Fame category:

- d.1471...
If thou wilt receive profit, read with humility, simplicity, and faith, and seek not at any time the fame of being learned. (Thomas a Kempis)

Thomas a Kempis - From the Love category:

Love longs to be free, a stranger to every worldly desire, lest its inner vision become dimmed, and lest worldly self-interest hinder it or ill-fortune cast it down. (Thomas a Kempis)

Thomas a Kempis - From the Obscurity category:

-The Inner Life...
If you desire to know or learn anything to your advantage, then take delight in being unknown and unregarded. A true understanding and humble estimate of oneself is the highest and most valuable of all lessons. (Thomas a Kempis)

Thomas a Kempis - From the Peace category:

Great tranquility of heart is his who cares for neither praise nor blame. (Thomas a Kempis)

Thomas a Kempis - From the Power category:

Love is a mighty power, a great and complete good; Love alone lightens every burden, and makes the rough places smooth. (Thomas a Kempis)

Thomas a Kempis - From the Wisdom category:

To take no account of oneself, but always to think well and highly of others is the highest wisdom and perfection. (Thomas a Kempis)