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Frank Gordon Quotes

Quotes by Frank Gordon - (4 quotes)

Frank Gordon - From the Frustration category:

Being an artist is inherently frustrating in the sense that you always fall short of your ambitions. (Frank Gordon)

Frank Gordon - From the Progress category:

New work usually arises from work in progress - a sort of domino effect - and it can start at any time of day. (Frank Gordon)

Frank Gordon - From the Selling category:

Selling is the icing on the cake. It's the making of the work that matters; an experience is incomplete - life is incomplete, in fact - unless and until I've done something with it in the form of a drawing or a painting. (Frank Gordon)

Frank Gordon - From the Work category:

When students asked me how they might improve their paintings, my reply was always the same: 'Do more work.' Occasionally I would vary it by saying, 'You're not doing enough work.' But then, who does? (Frank Gordon)