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Robert Olen Butler Quotes

Quotes by Robert Olen Butler - (4 quotes)

Robert Olen Butler - From the Humour category:

The ironic humor comes from the distance between what we understand about ourselves and what is truly going on in ourselves. (Robert Olen Butler)

Robert Olen Butler - From the Technique category:

The only craft and technique you have legitimate access to is the craft and technique you forgot, that has dissolved itself into the unconscious... Because you have learned it so well you have forgotten it. (Robert Olen Butler)

Robert Olen Butler - From the Vision category:

Natural writers will often try to force themselves into a form - novel, story, screenplay, or poem - that is not necessarily the appropriate form for the way they see the world... if, in fact, they are writing from the artist's impulse, which is a deep, inchoate vision of some sort of order behind the apparent chaos of life on planet earth, they'll be driven then to express that vision in the creation of the object - the art object. (Robert Olen Butler)

Robert Olen Butler - From the Writing category:

Story is a yearning meeting an obstacle. (Robert Olen Butler)