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Dorothy Lorenze Quotes

Quotes by Dorothy Lorenze - (7 quotes)

Dorothy Lorenze - From the Painting category:

Re-working the painting slightly shows that you care enough about your artwork to make it even more meaningful for the collector. (Dorothy Lorenze)

Dorothy Lorenze - From the Pets category:

I once told a fellow artist that it's hard to spend time in my studio because I feel bad about leaving my dog! Just saying it out loud made me realize how ridiculous it was... (Dorothy Lorenze)

Dorothy Lorenze - From the Plein-Air category:

Hiking to the perfect spot with easel and other gear makes painting outdoors a tough sport. But, like all athletic challenges, when it finally goes well, the rewards are all the better for having overcome trials and tribulations. (Dorothy Lorenze)

Dorothy Lorenze - From the Profession category:

Transitioning from a graphic artist to full-time fine artist has been as much about attitude as aptitude. Experimentation has proven as important and rewarding as focus and repetition. (Dorothy Lorenze)

Dorothy Lorenze - From the Subject category:

Ordinary, everyday objects are my subject. I love the challenge of rendering translucency, reflection and texture in still life. They seem to have stories to tell, and beautiful moments of unexpected color and reflection are there to discover. (Dorothy Lorenze)

Dorothy Lorenze - From the Time category:

Open-ended time is often unproductive. (Dorothy Lorenze)

Dorothy Lorenze - From the Values category:

Value is as important as hue and often more difficult to pin down. (Dorothy Lorenze)