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George Sewell Quotes

Quotes by George Sewell - (3 quotes)

George Sewell - From the Fame category:

- b1690 d.1736...
Vain empty words / Of honour, glory and immortal fame, / Can these recall the spirit from its place, / Or re-inspire the breathless clay with life? / What tho' your fame with all its thousand trumpets, / Sound o'er the sepulchres, will that awake / The sleeping dead. (George Sewell)

George Sewell - From the Guilt category:

- b1690 d.1736...
Fear is the tax that conscience pays to guilt. (George Sewell)

George Sewell - From the Immortality category:

- b1690 d.1736...
When the adulation of life is gone, the coward sneaks to his death, but the brave live on. (George Sewell)