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Wayne White Quotes

Quotes by Wayne White - (5 quotes)

Wayne White - From the Advice category:

Do what you love. It's gonna lead where you want to go. (Wayne White)

Wayne White - From the Artists category:

Being an artist is a lifestyle. (Wayne White)

Wayne White - From the Beauty category:

Beauty is embarrassing. (Wayne White)

Wayne White - From the Humour category:

I'm often as frustrated at the world as most people are. But I think frustration is hilarious. One of my missions is to bring humor into fine art. It's sacred. (Wayne White)

Wayne White - From the Subject category:

I wanted something that was 180 degrees different from Pee-wee. So I decided to start painting traditional romantic American landscapes... I taught myself traditional oil-painting techniques. The paintings started getting just a little weirder and a little weirder... (Wayne White)