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Sergio Aragones Quotes

Quotes by Sergio Aragones - (11 quotes)

Sergio Aragones - From the Books category:

The reason I love comics more than anything else is that the longest story will be just a few pages. With a novel, it takes so many pages to get to one thing happening. (Sergio Aragones)

Sergio Aragones - From the Creativity category:

Once you've established where you are, you go to the character and elaborate on expressions and action. (Sergio Aragones)

Sergio Aragones - From the Drawing category:

Sometimes, you start with the drawing and then the gag comes to you in the middle of it. That is when you start working on the solution of the gag, which is composition, placing, equilibrium, and character design. (Sergio Aragones)

Sergio Aragones - From the Dreams category:

When you're drawing comics, you get very involved in how the story is going to develop and you spend more time daydreaming on that particular subject. (Sergio Aragones)

Sergio Aragones - From the Humour category:

If the gag is complicated, you spend more time thinking about the way you're drawing it. (Sergio Aragones)

Sergio Aragones - From the Ideas category:

I keep very weird hours. I never know when I'm going to get an idea. (Sergio Aragones)

Sergio Aragones - From the Mediums category:

Comics is a great medium to get a lot of stories out. (Sergio Aragones)

Sergio Aragones - From the Mysteries category:

Suspense is very important. Even though this is humor and they're short stories, that theory of building suspense is still there. (Sergio Aragones)

Sergio Aragones - From the Opposites category:

My work is so unorthodox that from one panel to the next, the drawings are completely different... totally opposed to the way of working in something like animation, where every drawing has to look like the one before. (Sergio Aragones)

Sergio Aragones - From the Production category:

I have 40 years of unpublished material, the ones they don't pick, and the reason I don't redraw them or use them again is that I like to use my brain every day and come up with new jokes. (Sergio Aragones)

Sergio Aragones - From the Sadness category:

The sad events that occur in my life are the sad events that happen to everybody, with losing friends and family, but that is a natural occurrence, as natural as being born. (Sergio Aragones)