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Jan Peacock Quotes

Quotes by Jan Peacock - (7 quotes)

Jan Peacock - From the Artists category:

An artist may sustain a body of work as an ecosystem, in which every part is used to every advantage, not consuming any part without regenerating it. (Jan Peacock)

Jan Peacock - From the Imagination category:

The imagination is a spiritual apparatus. Unable to invent the world, it does the next best thing, and that is to assemble it piecemeal, ugly and strange, bright and clear, and dumbly discovered. (Jan Peacock)

Jan Peacock - From the Nature category:

In Banff, the mountains are really close to your head... (Jan Peacock)

Jan Peacock - From the Pattern category:

Naturally, patterns emerge through repetition, and repetition yields up a type of discovery that reveals everything about itself, especially its sorry limits. (Jan Peacock)

Jan Peacock - From the Profession category:

It was an epiphany when I realized you don't have to call yourself a linguist, a translator, a poet. You can call yourself an artist and you can do all these things. (Jan Peacock)

Jan Peacock - From the Questions category:

What can be sustained and repeated without emptying out? (Jan Peacock)

Jan Peacock - From the Repetition category:

Fear of repeating oneself, of repeating oneself may be the greatest bugaboo of late capitalist society. The fear has been marketed so effectively that a will to sustain attention on any one thing can be cancelled out easily in favour of the latest distraction. (Jan Peacock)