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Tony Anony Quotes

Quotes by Tony Anony - (10 quotes)

Tony Anony - From the Brother/Sisterhood category:

What a comfort just to know / One just one somebody out there / Can play along somewhere somehow / Now it's all written down... (Tony Anony)

Tony Anony - From the Dreams category:

We beautiful creatures born in mystery / Fly best on wings of dreams. (Tony Anony)

Tony Anony - From the Fear category:

On a world now cold and strange / I could be grown down to capacity / Stop spilling over with fears / Could you help me find a way... (Tony Anony)

Tony Anony - From the Fire category:

I could get some of that old fire back / Almost be excited lost in wonder / Totally unfrightened thinking / What's going to happen today... (Tony Anony)

Tony Anony - From the Journey category:

On this road we don't remember / Our beginning on this road / Life goes on beyond its end / Toward mysterious surprises... (Tony Anony)

Tony Anony - From the Life category:

How else is life better undone than / By grasping at imagined shadows / More than butterflies or rainbows / The colors of life elude capture... (Tony Anony)

Tony Anony - From the Perfection category:

We all want to be perfect angels / Stand up on high sing with the sky / What we are in confident dream / We wake to forget yet aren't what we seem... (Tony Anony)

Tony Anony - From the Pets category:

Dogs do dream all life long / Of what they want before it's gone... (Tony Anony)

Tony Anony - From the Play category:

Let us move together playfully / Children once and now again / Renewed to love the mother / Earth her moon and sun... (Tony Anony)

Tony Anony - From the Stress category:

I have somehow twisted tight / The ties that bind the load... (Tony Anony)