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Richard Misiano-Genovese Quotes

Quotes by Richard Misiano-Genovese - (3 quotes)

Richard Misiano-Genovese - From the Collage category:

A layered printed image is torn indiscriminately to reveal parts of the image that lay just below its surface... In this way the images are brought together in a rather jarring and forceful manner, with often marvelous results. (Richard Misiano-Genovese)

Richard Misiano-Genovese - From the Distraction category:

Making art is like a form of basket weaving... it keeps the mind busy and the hands active. It is the perfect distraction from the ennui of existence. (Richard Misiano-Genovese)

Richard Misiano-Genovese - From the Shock category:

If you approach art with the intention of creating shock value, then you limit yourself and your audience, and will be put in the unenviable position of trying to top yourself with each succeeding effort. However, if you allow the process of creation to unfold in a more subjective manner, let the subconscious guide the pathway, and by chance shocking images present themselves, then you are released from the responsibility of intent. You no longer need the burden of expression to outdo yourself in a shocking manner - and it is of no purpose to focus merely on shock value for its own sake. Let the images give rise to their own intentions. (Richard Misiano-Genovese)