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Russell L. Ackoff Quotes

Quotes by Russell L. Ackoff - (7 quotes)

Russell L. Ackoff - From the Art category:

Art inspires, produces an unwillingness to settle for what we have and a desire for something better. It is the product and producer of creative activity, change; it is essential for continuous development. (Russell L. Ackoff)

Russell L. Ackoff - From the Business category:

To manage a system effectively, you might focus on the interactions of the parts rather than their behavior taken separately. (Russell L. Ackoff)

Russell L. Ackoff - From the Competence category:

'Omnicompetence,' the ability to obtain whatever one wants or needs, is an unattainable but continuously approachable ideal for all mankind - past, present, and future. (Russell L. Ackoff)

Russell L. Ackoff - From the Efficiency category:

The more efficient you are at doing the wrong thing, the wronger you become. It is much better to do the right thing wronger than the wrong thing righter. If you do the right thing wrong and correct it, you get better. (Russell L. Ackoff)

Russell L. Ackoff - From the Future category:

So much time is currently spent in worrying about the future that the present is allowed to go to hell. (Russell L. Ackoff)

Russell L. Ackoff - From the Mistakes category:

We can only learn from mistakes, by identifying them, determining their source, and correcting them... people learn more from their own mistakes than from the successes of others. (Russell L. Ackoff)

Russell L. Ackoff - From the Satisfaction category:

It is the satisfaction we derive from 'going there' in contrast to the satisfaction derived from 'getting there.' Recreation provides 'the pause that refreshes.' It recreates creators. (Russell L. Ackoff)