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Irving Sandler Quotes

Quotes by Irving Sandler - (7 quotes)

Irving Sandler - From the Accidents category:

When a person is prepared to receive something, a series of accidents takes place. (Irving Sandler)

Irving Sandler - From the Aging category:

-on finishing Act Two: An Art Critic in the Postmodern Era...
I'm desperately trying to get it done before I go belly up. (Irving Sandler)

Irving Sandler - From the Ambition category:

- A Sweeper-Up After Artists: A Memoir ...
I had come to believe that I was not as clever as some other kids who were my friends. And yet I knew even then that I wanted to do something of an intellectual nature, and excel at it. I also realized that if I was going to succeed at all, it would be through hard work. (Irving Sandler)

Irving Sandler - From the Copying category:

In the '50s, to appropriate was a real no-no. However, once you go from Duchamp to Jasper Johns to Warhol, appropriation becomes not only a common thing to do, but possibly the central way of working in the era we call postmodernism. (Irving Sandler)

Irving Sandler - From the Modernism category:

It's impossible in our postmodern era for anyone to be original--for anybody to do what Jackson Pollock did... (Irving Sandler)

Irving Sandler - From the Questions category:

-in understanding a work of art...
"Why would anyone want to do that?" (Irving Sandler)

Irving Sandler - From the Writing category:

There's not much to know about me other than I like meeting artists and I like yakking. (Irving Sandler)