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Bob Lefsetz Quotes

Quotes by Bob Lefsetz - (3 quotes)

Bob Lefsetz - From the Complaining category:

Play to the public. They know what's good. And if you haven't made it, chances are you suck. Or you're just not good enough yet. Instead of complaining, go back into your bedroom and practice! (Bob Lefsetz)

Bob Lefsetz - From the Frustration category:

Have you worked on your craft to the point of frustration?... have you gone to bed thinking you're dog shit, that you just can't get it right? If you haven't had this feeling, you're never going to make it. (Bob Lefsetz)

Bob Lefsetz - From the Winning category:

If you spend 10,000 hours on the bunny slope, you're never going to win the World Cup. You've got to challenge yourself, ski the double blacks, go out when it's blowin' and snowin' as well as when it's sunny and smooth. (Bob Lefsetz)