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Eva Green Quotes

Quotes by Eva Green - (12 quotes)

Eva Green - From the Dreams category:

I am a dreamer. Seriously, I'm living on another planet. (Eva Green)

Eva Green - From the Eroticism category:

I was very, very nervous about the naked scenes. I'm very shy and reserved. But it was Bertolucci and I have seen Last Tango. It's not pornographic. He's a master of eroticism. I stopped being self-conscious. You have to forget everything. (Eva Green)

Eva Green - From the Fame category:

There are a lot of people who want to be famous nowadays: singers, actors and, you know, it's like a roller-coaster. And when you are very sensitive - I'm very sensitive - you have to be very strong... You have to just not pay attention to the people who hate you, you know? (Eva Green)

Eva Green - From the Gender category:

When people say, 'You're so beautiful,' it makes me want to kill myself! As an actress you want to be seen for what you do, for the characters you can play, otherwise I'd be a model. (Eva Green)

Eva Green - From the Health category:

I'm French, so I'm quite lazy about exercising, and I smoke. But I do love going for a run in the morning with my dog. That's all. (Eva Green)

Eva Green - From the Limitations category:

Don't tell me that the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon! (Eva Green)

Eva Green - From the Money category:

I feel sick if I have to do something for the money. I can't breathe. I'm not proud of myself. (Eva Green)

Eva Green - From the Performance category:

Success is very ephemeral. You depend entirely on the desire of others, which makes it difficult to relax. (Eva Green)

Eva Green - From the Politics category:

I'm not really involved with politics... I'm living in my cocoon with my classical music around. (Eva Green)

Eva Green - From the Reality category:

Reality is a nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there. (Eva Green)

Eva Green - From the Relaxation category:

When I'm not working I just like to be comfortable: I love black, nothing tight, no heels, no make-up - it's nice to be able to breathe! (Eva Green)

Eva Green - From the Time category:

I'll need my whole lifetime to polish my craft. (Eva Green)