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Naum Gabo Quotes

Quotes by Naum Gabo - (11 quotes)

Naum Gabo - From the Art category:

The Force of Art lies in its immediate influence on human psychology and in its active contagiousness. (Naum Gabo)

Naum Gabo - From the Communication category:

Art is not concerned with the meditation about what is and how it came to be. That is a task for knowledge. Knowledge is born of the desire to know, Art derives from the necessity to communicate and to announce. (Naum Gabo)

Naum Gabo - From the Creativity category:

Being a creation of Man, art re-creates Man. (Naum Gabo)

Naum Gabo - From the Expression category:

What we cannot express by the art of thinking, by the art of science or philosophy or logic, we can and should express by the poetic, visual, or some other arts. (Naum Gabo)

Naum Gabo - From the Goodness category:

The image my work invokes is the image of good – not evil; the image of order – not chaos; the image of life – not death. And that is all the content of my constructions amounts to. (Naum Gabo)

Naum Gabo - From the Inexperience category:

If an artist has no experience before he makes a painting or a sculpture, he is not an artist. (Naum Gabo)

Naum Gabo - From the Morality category:

I consider morals and aesthetics one and the same, for they cover only one impulse, one drive inherent in our consciousness – to bring our life and all our actions into a satisfactory relationship with the events of the world as our consciousness wants it to be, in harmony with our life and according to the laws of consciousness itself. (Naum Gabo)

Naum Gabo - From the Nature category:

The shapes we are creating are not abstract, they are absolute. They are released from any already existant thing in nature and their content lies in themselves. (Naum Gabo)

Naum Gabo - From the Optimism category:

The way of a creative mind is always positive, it always asserts; it does not know the doubts which are so characteristic of the scientific mind. (Naum Gabo)

Naum Gabo - From the Philosophy category:

Art has no need of philosophical arguments, it does not follow the signposts of philosophical systems; Art like life, dictates systems to philosophy. (Naum Gabo)

Naum Gabo - From the Space category:

We affirm depth as the only pictorial and plastic form of space. (Naum Gabo)