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Joe Fafard Quotes

Quotes by Joe Fafard - (7 quotes)

Joe Fafard - From the Brother/Sisterhood category:

And I continued to involve the community of the arts school in themselves... one way that art could do that was to actually reflect the environment that we were in, which included the people that were in it. (Joe Fafard)

Joe Fafard - From the Exhibitions category:

And people came, actually, and seemed to enjoy the show a great deal. And I had borrowed a tartan from Ted, so it was like a curated show but with the event - which was going to be the opening - already existing in the artwork. So it was quite a lot of fun. (Joe Fafard)

Joe Fafard - From the Fun category:

I thought, 'Well, I'll amuse people a little bit.' During lunch hour, while everyone was off to the faculty club and this and that, I set up a bunch of bases down the hallway of the school and I put all of the portraits I had completed... and I waited for the reaction.... that's how I got started again, doing portraits of people around me... (Joe Fafard)

Joe Fafard - From the Materials category:

I used anything, various materials; this is wood, and this is mixed up clay, wedged together, clay with glazes and stuff like that. (Joe Fafard)

Joe Fafard - From the Money category:

-Canadian sculptor on re-sale of work...
Five percent seems very little to ask when you consider that the artist, through his or her efforts over many years, is largely responsible for the increased value of their work. (Joe Fafard)

Joe Fafard - From the Portraiture category:

But eventually I moved the portraiture into the smaller clay things which gave them more of a caricature look to them, rather than a characterization. (Joe Fafard)

Joe Fafard - From the Questions category:

When I was making a shift... from one thing to another I didn't want to be answering questions: 'How come you're doing this?' 'How come you're doing that?' so I didn't allow anyone in my studio and I just worked away in there. (Joe Fafard)