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Jane Freeman Quotes

Quotes by Jane Freeman - (5 quotes)

Jane Freeman - From the Brother/Sisterhood category:

Those who work more abstractly have a tendency to cut down those who work more realistically, and those... We need to find a way to make peace amongst ourselves if we think the world will understand us or what we do... We would do well to work together in unity and respect. (Jane Freeman)

Jane Freeman - From the Dreams category:

Now is the time for us to dream new dreams, move out into uncharted waters and stay positive. (Jane Freeman)

Jane Freeman - From the Painting category:

My paintings are my camera on my world. (Jane Freeman)

Jane Freeman - From the Standards category:

For anyone to dictate what is right or wrong in art, good or bad in art, is like telling us who we are, or should be. (Jane Freeman)

Jane Freeman - From the Time category:

Deadlines can rip the heart out and, once accomplished, fill the heart with gladness. (Jane Freeman)