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Clyde Aspevig Quotes

Quotes by Clyde Aspevig - (15 quotes)

Clyde Aspevig - From the Advice category:

If I could pass anything on to the next generation, it would be to follow your passion, work hard, play, be curious about everything, read a lot, travel, explore, live, love and dig deep. And don't drink cheap wine. (Clyde Aspevig)

Clyde Aspevig - From the Colour category:

Every time you shift to a different color or different hue you are creating interest. It's a subtle thing but it builds content. (Clyde Aspevig)

Clyde Aspevig - From the Environment category:

I hope my paintings will always inspire people to become a part of nature rather than a force that manipulates and destroys it. I hope my work will be seen as an important voice in the environmental awakening of the last 50 years that is aiming to conserve and sustain our planet. (Clyde Aspevig)

Clyde Aspevig - From the Limitations category:

We tend to fall back on what we already know. But by pushing the limit (like jazz improv), we find out what those limits are and actually learn something. (Clyde Aspevig)

Clyde Aspevig - From the Music category:

People can relate to the musicality of shapes... Painting is 'silent music'... Soft and hard edges are similar to loud and soft notes... Harmony, chords, pitch, rhythm, syncopation and timber can all be translated to the visual arts. (Clyde Aspevig)

Clyde Aspevig - From the Mysteries category:

It's a fine line between your own aesthetic ideas, keeping that subtlety, that mystery, and over-explaining to your viewers. (Clyde Aspevig)

Clyde Aspevig - From the Nature category:

Because the landscape has always been an integral part of my life, I have developed a deep sense of belonging to nature rather than feeling apart from it or above it. (Clyde Aspevig)

Clyde Aspevig - From the Painting category:

You're creating interest in the foundation by creating those knowledge gaps, like in a novel, but not in a totally obvious way or it can get boring or trite. (Clyde Aspevig)

Clyde Aspevig - From the Plein-Air category:

With all the changing atmosphere and clouds, changing light and everything, you basically have to stick to your original idea. It's very challenging at times. (Clyde Aspevig)

Clyde Aspevig - From the Plein-Air category:

Your painting can look really silly, but when you take it away from the subject matter, it becomes something entirely different. When it's not competing with the landscape, it can work. (Clyde Aspevig)

Clyde Aspevig - From the Possibilities category:

Even if it doesn't turn out, I'm testing possibilities... The great thing about oils is you can take it out. (Clyde Aspevig)

Clyde Aspevig - From the Reality category:

The more I paint out the details, the more real the paintings look to me. (Clyde Aspevig)

Clyde Aspevig - From the Selling category:

There are more buyers for great art than there are great works of art being created, so concentrate on quality, and don't raise prices faster than the market can bear. (Clyde Aspevig)

Clyde Aspevig - From the Subject category:

Landscape is hardwired into our psyche. It touches our emotions, experiences we've had, and gives a sense of place. (Clyde Aspevig)

Clyde Aspevig - From the Texture category:

A subtle amount of texture attracts the eye. (Clyde Aspevig)