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Lesley White Quotes

Quotes by Lesley White - (7 quotes)

Lesley White - From the Fashion category:

Perhaps an addendum to 'this too shall pass' should be 'but given time, it shall return.' (Lesley White)

Lesley White - From the Finishing category:

A common malady among artists is we sometimes don't know when to quit. Consequently we can ruin a good painting by overworking it or by leaving it too soon. There's a fine line there somewhere and it's hard to know when you've crossed it. (Lesley White)

Lesley White - From the Motivation category:

Less than 2% of North American artists support themselves from their work, so be sure passion, not money, is your motivator. (Lesley White)

Lesley White - From the Profession category:

Professionals are focused, dedicated, and stay the course regardless of the inevitable hurdles encountered. They take up their brushes daily whether they're 'in the mood' or not. There's no waiting for inspiration to knock at the studio door; they're confident it will show up once they begin their process. (Lesley White)

Lesley White - From the Realism category:

Three-haired brushes and painstaking rendering of detail is what keeps me involved and excited. (Lesley White)

Lesley White - From the Temperament category:

'Artistic temperament,' a syndrome used by non-professionals to excuse laziness, sloppiness, and bad behaviour, isn't an option. (Lesley White)

Lesley White - From the Titles category:

Titles often roll around in my head like marbles in an empty jar, and from there a suitable image may surface... at times I've received more comments about the title than the work and I've decided that this is not necessarily a bad thing. Titles matter. (Lesley White)