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Henry Fuseli Quotes

Quotes by Henry Fuseli - (7 quotes)

Henry Fuseli - From the Art category:

Ancient art was the tyrant of Egypt, the mistress of Greece and the servant of Rome. (Henry Fuseli)

Henry Fuseli - From the Colour category:

Tintoretto attempted to fill the line of Michelangelo with color, without tracing its principle. (Henry Fuseli)

Henry Fuseli - From the Criticism category:

Raffael's drapery is the assistant of character, in Michelangelo it envelopes grandeur; it is in Reubens the ponderous robe of pomp. (Henry Fuseli)

Henry Fuseli - From the Life category:

Life is rapid, art is slow, occasion coy, practice fallacious and judgment partial. (Henry Fuseli)

Henry Fuseli - From the Perfection category:

Indiscriminate pursuit of perfection infallibly leads to mediocrity. (Henry Fuseli)

Henry Fuseli - From the Production category:

Art among a religious race produces reliques [sic]; among a military one, trophies; among a commercial one, articles of trade. (Henry Fuseli)

Henry Fuseli - From the Taste category:

Taste is the legitimate offspring of nature, educated by propriety: fashion is the bastard of vanity, dressed by art. (Henry Fuseli)