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Christopher John Hollins Quotes

Quotes by Christopher John Hollins - (3 quotes)

Christopher John Hollins - From the Art category:

Art is not an object, but a 'feeling' that has no recognisable form. Paintings, sculpture, music and dance are objects left behind after the artist has tried to give this 'feeling' structure. (Christopher John Hollins)

Christopher John Hollins - From the Pets category:

My dog would happily urinate up a Michelangelo sculpture if I let him... He has no value or appreciation for the finer things in life... but he has something I have lost... the primal sensation in both the lamp post and the Michelangelo. (Christopher John Hollins)

Christopher John Hollins - From the Seeing category:

We have two ways of seeing: a learned intelligent way that evolved because it gave our ancestors a greater chance of survival, and an inherent instinctive way that produces an emotive and original sensation of what we see. The way we are born to see therefore subdues our powers of perception. (Christopher John Hollins)