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Michael Barnes Quotes

Quotes by Michael Barnes - (3 quotes)

Michael Barnes - From the Questions category:

-Canadian writer...
When did it get so hard to just look at art? Was it ever possible? How long before the Lascaux bulls became the Lascaux bull session? (Michael Barnes)

Michael Barnes - From the Seeing category:

-Canadian writer...
We bounce between looking and talking... words are autopsies of seeing... In the best cases, these perceptual post-mortems can sharpen our understanding of what must have occurred in the moments of seeing, including clues about how and why seeing stopped... and, when they reach their limit, they provoke the viewer into more looking. (Michael Barnes)

Michael Barnes - From the Words category:

-Canadian writer...
When did the visual arts become so encrusted with words?... this whole dense verbal screen, like a mass of aggressive kudzu through which the visual tries to peep... Which words help, and which words hinder, the making and experiencing of art? (Michael Barnes)