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Gillian Redwood Quotes

Quotes by Gillian Redwood - (5 quotes)

Gillian Redwood - From the Acrylics category:

Often I use acrylics as a wash, like watercolour, then apply paint in different ways. Every flow of energy changes the shape and density of an object, and I like to observe these flows. (Gillian Redwood)

Gillian Redwood - From the Drawing category:

It's hard to fake emotion behind the hand that draws. When eye and hand become friends, then drawing takes on a life of its own. (Gillian Redwood)

Gillian Redwood - From the Lines category:

Where the lines of energy flow, in a landscape or a human body, information is given to the eye, and we interpret these in our own way. (Gillian Redwood)

Gillian Redwood - From the Lines category:

Every line tells its own story, even the very tentative ones. (Gillian Redwood)

Gillian Redwood - From the Questions category:

If we could see energy between things, the relationship between the seer and the seen, then how would our world look? (Gillian Redwood)