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Jane Haddam Quotes

Quotes by Jane Haddam - (7 quotes)

Jane Haddam - From the Advice category:

Listen to advice. You don't know how many writer's conferences I've taught at where at least half the audience fights all the conventions of the field. (Jane Haddam)

Jane Haddam - From the Business category:

My husband used to take care of the business part of this, and after he died I found I wasn't really any good at it. I hate remembering who owes me what and bugging them if they haven't paid me. (Jane Haddam)

Jane Haddam - From the Education category:

Knowledge pursued for its own sake - that's the definition of education, as opposed to training. (Jane Haddam)

Jane Haddam - From the Ego category:

In my day, we didn't have self-esteem, we had self-respect, and no more of it than we had earned. (Jane Haddam)

Jane Haddam - From the Knowledge category:

People always seemed to know half of history, and to get it confused with the other half. (Jane Haddam)

Jane Haddam - From the Opposites category:

Everybody is a True Believer. Everybody has a little nugget they're convinced of that is the opposite of the nugget on the other side. And they're convinced it's fact. (Jane Haddam)

Jane Haddam - From the Technology category:

Nobody in real life ever takes me seriously. The Internet makes it possible for people like me to live the way I do now. Without it, I'd have to be in New York or some other city. I think the Internet is the greatest invention in history after antibiotics. (Jane Haddam)