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Jonathan Jones Quotes

Quotes by Jonathan Jones - (12 quotes)

Jonathan Jones - From the Colour category:

Vermeer's blues are silent, but they touch your soul. (Jonathan Jones)

Jonathan Jones - From the Contemporary Art category:

-on Liz Arnold, January-February 2000...
Her paintings are about what is contemporary in that they are about anachronism - the impossibility of ever getting to the new place because it will already have become old and the newness will be elsewhere. (Jonathan Jones)

Jonathan Jones - From the Imagination category:

You can't impose austerity on the imagination. (Jonathan Jones)

Jonathan Jones - From the Immortality category:

Trash comes and goes, but great art endures. (Jonathan Jones)

Jonathan Jones - From the Love category:

Some artists have seen deeply into the experience of love. Their works are not just alluring or provocative, but profound. Who are these artists? (Jonathan Jones)

Jonathan Jones - From the Masters category:

We'd already seen three Caravaggios that day - why did I need another? I just did. Great art is deeply compelling. (Jonathan Jones)

Jonathan Jones - From the Meaning category:

Vermeer goes beyond the art of symbols... stands back from social commentary; his women gaze out silently. (Jonathan Jones)

Jonathan Jones - From the Modernism category:

-The Guardian, July 12, 2004...
Sickert was a creep. But for some reason, so are all the best British modern painters. If he smashes people's faces, so does Francis Bacon. If he makes bodies look blotchy and sad, so does Lucian Freud. Both artists are deeply indebted to Sickert. (Jonathan Jones)

Jonathan Jones - From the Nudes category:

-The Guardian...
Art is about showing and seeing: to show that which is concealed, to see what was veiled, is fundamentally gripping. (Jonathan Jones)

Jonathan Jones - From the Shock category:

-on Spencer Tunick's photographs of massed voluntary nudes...
The reason an artist can still make such an impact with such an old idea as the shock or the liberation of nudity is that, so long as we don't all walk about naked in public, the exposure of flesh in a public place will still thrill, excite, disturb. (Jonathan Jones)

Jonathan Jones - From the Talent category:

-The Guardian...
Good art is the product of talent. All the forces in our culture that weaken our belief in talent deny this fundamental fact, but it always returns to haunt us. (Jonathan Jones)

Jonathan Jones - From the Theory category:

It's a brilliant theory, with just one tiny flaw: it's bollocks. (Jonathan Jones)