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Ross Bleckner Quotes

Quotes by Ross Bleckner - (7 quotes)

Ross Bleckner - From the Artists category:

Bring something new, something beautiful and something filled with light into the world. (Ross Bleckner)

Ross Bleckner - From the Change category:

It almost seems that if you can describe it, you can change it. (Ross Bleckner)

Ross Bleckner - From the Education category:

A community of people, that's the really what art school is. (Ross Bleckner)

Ross Bleckner - From the Individuality category:

One bit in or out of focus makes the difference between our bodies being ourselves and our being part of a group. I want to melt the idea of specificity and blend individuality into the crowd. (Ross Bleckner)

Ross Bleckner - From the Methodology category:

I took away a lot of the painterliness just to deal more with the methodology of looking into the structure. (Ross Bleckner)

Ross Bleckner - From the Spirituality category:

A spiritual search in art is looking for meaning outside of yourself. (Ross Bleckner)

Ross Bleckner - From the Thought category:

If you follow the process of a thought - any thought, not just about art - the thought changes. It has to do with what you can hold in your memory and what you lose. That's an interesting thing to try to paint. (Ross Bleckner)

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Last modified: December 1, 2015