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Rodney Cobb Quotes

Quotes by Rodney Cobb - (4 quotes)

Rodney Cobb - From the Impossibilities category:

It is not possible to give up when you have to pursue your art to breathe. (Rodney Cobb)

Rodney Cobb - From the Nature category:

The greatest cathedral of all is nature itself. It simultaneously humbles and pulls up giant emotions that cannot be fully expressed in mere words. (Rodney Cobb)

Rodney Cobb - From the Plein-Air category:

It is important to realize how connected we all are as humans, especially as artists, and especially as plein-air artists. (Rodney Cobb)

Rodney Cobb - From the Practice category:

The race to improve one's art has obvious time limits, thus, I seek the best daily practices. (Rodney Cobb)