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John Newman Quotes

Quotes by John Newman - (5 quotes)

John Newman - From the Abstraction category:

All good art is abstract. (John Newman)

John Newman - From the Change category:

-from right handedness to left after a stroke...
Before this I tended to paint figures and put them in an environment. Now I paint an environment to put figures in. It's a subtle difference, but it is a difference. It's something I did naturally... (John Newman)

John Newman - From the Drawing category:

No one can ever take my job away from me. I can always draw as long as I have a piece of paper and a pencil or paints. (John Newman)

John Newman - From the Gratitude category:

Once I started working, it became better and better. I really felt that I was back into the work. I was glad I was alive. Just being able to draw and paint - even if I can't walk - is worth living for. (John Newman)

John Newman - From the Illusion category:

I'm really creating abstract shapes and relationships that work together. They come together and give the illusion of reality, but they're really abstract shapes. If you look at individual shapes, they aren't the shape of anything, but together they give you the illusion of hills and sun and flowers. (John Newman)