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Maurizio Cattelan Quotes

Quotes by Maurizio Cattelan - (4 quotes)

Maurizio Cattelan - From the Artists category:

I tend not to work with a specific person in mind. Art is a matter of statistics. It's not about individuals. It's about people. (Maurizio Cattelan)

Maurizio Cattelan - From the Collaboration category:

I don't design. I don't paint. I absolutely never touch my works... (Maurizio Cattelan)

Maurizio Cattelan - From the Failure category:

I was a loser, most concerned with making a living. It took me 30 years to understand... I had to reinvent a system, find a way out, and set some rules that could work for me and a few others. I guess in the end that's what we all are trying to do. (Maurizio Cattelan)

Maurizio Cattelan - From the Ideas category:

My ideas are all the same but look different. (Maurizio Cattelan)